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Thawing Frozen Winter Pipes

Are you wondering how to thaw frozen pipes? With the chaotic holiday season, it is easy to see how Canadian homeowners can forget to drain their pipes and use the proper shut off valves in their home to prevent frozen lines.

Turning the heat down when traveling away from your home, may save you dollars on your energy bill, but if the temperature drops low enough it can cause water in your lines to freeze. Frozen lines can cause further issues within the home. If the water or moisture in the pipes freezes, it can expand to the point of splitting or cracking you pipelines.

We recommend having a technician out to the home, to help you properly prepare for winter. By using heat tape on any exposed pipes, or pipes with a higher likeliness of freezing, you can prevent the damage to your lines, as well as having efficiently running water all winter long.

Have your pipes frozen in this cold?

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