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Drain Smells Bad

If your drain smells bad, one of the causes could be simply be from a dry p-trap. This is the curved part of the pipe. This is usually caused by not using the sink often enough that it. If you are unsure if this may be the cause,Action Auger has highly trained professionals who can come and fix that smell coming from your drain.

It could be a simple reason for your drain to smell bad, such as a dry p-trap. However, there could be a more complex reason for this, especially if you're smelling a bad odor from all drains, not just one. This could be signs of a sewer line breaking or a blocked vent, in which a professional would be needed. If you would like someone to come take a look, we are open 24/7 and can definitely help you out.

Does your drain smell terrible like rotten eggs?

We can clean that out for you at a reasonable rate.

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