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Water and Jobs for World Water Day

May 10, 2019  |  By Brham Trim (Lethbridge)  |  General Plumbing

The UN’s 24th annual World Water Day was recognized yesterday, inviting us once again to reflect on just how lucky we are in Canada to have easy access to clean, safe water.

World Water Day was begun in 1993 as an effort to draw attention to water-related issues around the world and how important safe water is to quality of life. Focusing on a different theme every year, this year centres on ‘Water and Jobs,’ examining the influence water quality has on all aspects of life, including employment. As part of the campaign, the UN has released the video below.

From cooking and cleaning to showering and even using the toilet, clean water impacts everything we do. Our convenient and safe water here in Canada should not be taken for granted, but recognized for the great gift that it is. Next time you fill a glass of water, consider how lucky we are, and how we can in turn help those who are not as fortunate.